A pro se divorce means representing yourself in court without an attorney.  There are a number of reasons why pro se divorce may be considered.  These include the inability to afford an attorney, or your attorney does not seem to satisfy you and you would prefer to take matters into your own hands.

Whatever your reasons for considering a pro se divorce Plano, you should know that it will not suit your circumstances in all cases.  Our Plano divorce lawyers explain when a pro se divorce makes sense for you.  

When Should You Use Pro Se Divorce?

There are different types of and reasons for divorce.  Due to the legal rules and processes involved in most cases, it is often advisable to consult with a legal professional.  However, there are some instances when pro se divorce Plano might favor you.  These include:

  • An uncontested Divorce: This means quite simply that both parties agree to the divorce. That is, you both agree on the division of everything including custody (if you have kids). Going pro se, in this case, may reduce your costs and risk because both parties have come to a conclusion.  As long as the spouses can live with the conclusion they have come to, pro se divorce can work here.
  • Default Divorce: If all efforts to find your spouse prove abortive or if said spouse refuses to respond, you can still be divorced. In this case, you consider going pro se because no one will show up anyway and you save money.

Things to Note if You Opt for Pro Se Divorce Plano

While representing yourself might seem like a good idea, as you would be able to best express yourself, you should know:

  • You Cannot Be Emotional: The divorce process can become very emotional and if you are unable to separate your emotions from facts, you probably should not represent yourself. You cannot use swear words, get confrontational or cry, you will not be taken seriously, not in Plano.
  • You should know about the family laws in Plano: Using pro se Divorce will not excuse you from all the legal papers you need to fill and file. Keeping yourself well informed will help you in figuring out what to do and when to do it.
  • Kids might complicate things: It is rare for both parties to agree amicably on the custody and or child support for their children. It might be counter-productive to go pro se in this case.
  • Legal advice is a good thing: Being well-informed might not be enough, considering legal advice is a good step as divorce lawyers in Plano are familiar with the courts and judges.
  • You have no experience: Lawyers, especially ours are very experienced and can think on their feet. They have had years to gather knowledge and know the laws.  You cannot expect to have the same effect or desired outcome if you are going up against your spouse’s lawyer.  Lots of preparation is required.  

Although, opting for a pro se divorce Plano is a brave choice, it is one you should only take after considering all the circumstances of your case.  Otherwise, you may simply complicate things instead.  If you would like to know whether pro se divorce fits your case, reach out to us for a free initial consultation.  We can help.